Skill Training & Education for Ice and Inline Hockey Players and Coaches

Skating First Training Programs

  • Learn to Coach Skating Skills ( Level 1 & 2)
  • Skill Development Programs (Technique & Power Skating)
  • On & Off Skate Conditioning
  • Summer Camp (Weekly Sessions or 1 Week Intensive)
    • Skating First's Coaching Skating Skills Program provides a comprehensive instructional model that incorporates basic teaching methodology and  “class handling” techniques with a thorough skill building  approach to the core hockey skating skills. 

      Through incremental progressions, players and coaches will have  a better understanding of the core hockey skating skills and be able to ”problem  solve” and improve  incorrect or inefficient technique.   Each skating progression emphasizes  the basics of proper body alignment, balance and edging which when consistently implemented allow for a strong skating foundation to be built.

      Since most teams are made up of players of varying abilities coaches are often faced with the dilemma of how best to motivated and challenge all players on the team. 

      Skating First will cover the basics of how to best teach children and adults of all ability levels and how to implement various guidelines that will encourage safety, fun and learning as well as an appreciation for being able to skate great!

      Skating First coaches training programs are open to all who coach or are interested in coaching players at the developmental level.

      Skating First's Skill Development Programs & Camps are open to players of all ages who want to  improve their understanding and execution of skating skills for more confidence and advantage on the ice.

      Skating First's On-Ice and Off-Ice Conditioning Programs   can be tailored  to specific needs and are available to players and teams that are interested in improving cardiovascular conditioning, speed, muscle strength and endurance, and overall flexibility on and off the ice.

      Level 1 Coaches Training

      Level 1 is for the coach who wants to further their knowledge of the fundamentals of instructing  skating and other team building related skills for coaching at the   developmental level  The basics of  striding, stopping and turning are covered and  coaches will learn a proven format of  class handling skills and teaching progressions as well as basic skating and hockey related terminology. 

      Program includes the following:

      Level 1 Coaching Manual

      Instructional Skill Development Program

      Instructional Theory

      Field Instruction by Skating First Director

      Written and Practical Examination

        Skating skills covered include forward stride, stopping, basic backward skating, forward to backward transitions, cross-overs, and hockey turns.  Contact the Skating First office for eligibility and a complete listing of skating skills covered.  Must be 15 years or older

        Level 2 Coaches Training

        Level 2 is for the experienced Level 1 coach* to further enhance class handling skills, problem solving and advanced hockey skating skill development.

        Program Includes the Following:

        Instructional Skill Development Program-Advanced Skills

        Intermediate Theory and Advanced Problem Solving

        Introduction to On-Ice & Off-Ice Conditioning Techniques

        Field Instruction by Skating First Director

        Written and Practical Examination

        Product and Industry Updates

        Must  have completed  Skating First’'s  Level 1 Training Program, hold a teaching related degree or have 5 or more years of teaching developmental hockey.   Coaches must show a solid command of edges, backward crossovers, and other advanced hockey skating skills. Contact the Skating First office for a complete listing of skating skills covered.

        Program Cost:  TBA

        Sample Weekend Agenda
        Level 1 Coaches Training


        6:30pm-8:00pm         Off-Ice Teaching and Skill Theory Presentation

        8:00pm-9:30pm         On-Ice Skills Clinic



        1:00pm-2:00pm         Hockey Skating Skills Teaching Demo (Part 1)  

        2:00pm-3:00pm         Small Group Teaching

        3:00pm-3:15pm         Break

        3:15pm-4:15pm         Hockey Skating Skills Teaching Demo (Part 2)

        4:15pm-5:00pm         Small Group Teaching

        5:00pm-6:00pm         Stick Handling


        12:00pm-1:00pm       Written Examination

        1:00pm-2:00pm         Skating Skills Clinic

        2:00pm-4:00pm         Small Group Teaching Evaluation Test

        4:00pm-4:15pm         Break

        4:15pm-4:45pm         Practical Skating Test

        Skating Skills Development Programs

        Skating Skill Development Programs are open to players and coaches that want to develop stronger hockey skating skills.  Based on enrollment groups will be divided according to age and skill level.

        Instructional Skill Development Program Includes:

        • Beginning-Intermediate Hockey Skating Skills
        • Advanced Hockey Skating Skills

        Please contact the Skating First office for a complete listing of skating skills covered at each skating skill  level.

        Program Cost:  $15/hour/ player with a 10 player minimum.  Maximum number of players 15 per session.*  Depending on session location, an additional ice fee per player may also apply.

        *For groups larger than 15 players, additional coaching staff is available for an additional fee of $60/hour

        Summer Camp Program
        1 Week Intensive

        The 1 week intensive is a combination of the skating skills development program and the on and off ice conditioning program.  During the 9:00am-3:00pm day, players will experience a "camp-like" atmosphere as they train both on and off the ice.  In addition to skating, a variety of training and movement activities will be offered throughout the week.

        Sample Camp Agenda




        9:00-9:15 am      Drop Off

        9:15-9:45am       Warm-up/ Flexibility Testing

        9:45-10:30am     Yoga for Skaters

        10:30-11:00am   Plyometrics

        11:00-11:15pm   Skates On (Inline)

        11:15-11:45pm   Skating Skills (Inline)

        11:45-12:15pm   Puck Handling

        12:15-12:45pm   Lunch

        12:45-1:30pm     Classroom Presentation-                           Hockey Video (Skating)

        1:30-1:45pm       Skates On (Ice)

        1:45-2:45pm       Skating Skills (On Ice)

        2:45-3:15pm       Skates Off/Pick Up



        9:00-9:15 am   Drop Off

        9:15-9:45am     Warm-up/ Yoga for Skaters

        10:00-10:30am Upper Body Conditioning

        10:30-11:00am Middle Body Conditioning (Abs)

        11:00-11:30pm Run (Interval Training)

        11:30-12:00am Classroom Presentation:                             Sports Nutrition Activity

        12:00-12:30pm Lunch

        12:45-1:15pm Street Hockey-Puck                                Handling/ Shooting

        1:15-1:45pm   Breath Awareness/Control

        1:45-2:00pm   Skates On (Ice)

        2:00-3:00pm   Skating Skills/Conditioning                          Session

        3:00-3:30pm   Skates Off/Pick Up



        9:00-9:15am     Drop Off

        9:15-10:00am   Yoga/ Breath Control

        10:00-10:30am Plyometrics

        10:30-11:15am Upper Body/Lower Body

        11:15-11:30am Skates On (Inline)

        11:30-12:15pm Skating Skills/Positioning

        12:15-12:45      Lunch

        12:45-1:15pm Classroom Presentation:      Hockey Video (Puck Handling)

        1:15-1:30pm    Skates On (Inline)

        1:30-2:30pm    Distance Skate

        2:30-3:00pm    Scrimmage

        3:00-3:15pm    Pick up




        9:00-9:15am       Drop Off

        9:15-9:45 am      Yoga/Breath                                             Awareness/Control

        9:45-10:15am     Run (Easy pace/Hills)

        10:15-10:30am   Middle body (Abdominals)

        10:30-10:45am   Skates On (Inline)   

        10:45--11:30am  Inline Soccer/Basketball    11:30-11:45am   Skate Off/Cool Down

        11:45-12:15pm   Relaxation Session 

        12:15-12:45pm   Lunch    

        12:45-1:30pm     Classroom Presentation:                              Inline Video

        1:30-1:45pm       Skates On (Ice)

        1:45-2:45pm       SkatingSkills/Conditioning                          Session

        2:45-3:00pm       Pick-up


        9:00-9:15am       Drop Off

        9:15-10:00am     Yoga/Flexibility Testing

        10:00-10:30am    Plyometrics

        10:30-11:00am    Weight Training-Upper                                Body

        11:00-11:15am     Middle Body                                              (Abdominals)

        11:15-12:00am    Relaxation Activity

        12:00-12:45pm    Special Lunch (Pizza)

        12:45-1:00pm     Skates On (Ice)

        1:00-1:45pm       Skating Skills

        1:45-2:15pm       Passing/Shooting

        2:15-2:45pm       Scrimmage

        2:45-3:00pm       Pick-up

        *Camp Activities Subject to change

        The hockey camp is open to players at the Mite through Bantam level.  Depending on the number of participants, additional coaches will be added to split the groups according to playing level and/or ability to maintain an ideal 12:1 coach to player ratio.

        Cost of Camp


        (30 hours + of instruction)

        On & Off Skate Conditioning Programs

        On Ice Conditioning Sessions

        Sample 1 Hour Session

        Warm-up-5 minutes   

        Focus:  Muscle Development & Flexibility

        Stride Technique-10 Minutes 

        Focus:  Stride Development, Explosive Starts

        Skill Development-20 minutes

        Focus:  Stopping, Backward Skating, Turning & Transitions

        Conditioning-25 minutes 

        Focus: Building Endurance

         Program Cost: 

        $15/hour/ player with a 12 player minimum.  Maximum number of players 15 per session.  Depending on session location, a additional ice fee per player may also apply.

        * For groups larger than 15 players additional coaching staff is available for an additional fee of $60/hour.

        Off Ice Conditioning Sessions

        Sessions are created based on number of session offered as well as age and athletic ability.
        Sessions are tailored to the developmental level of the group and can include the following:

        ·  Flexibility Testing

        ·  Body Composition Testing

        ·  Strength Testing

        ·  Yoga/Flexibility Training for Hockey Players

        ·  Upper body conditioning using own body weight

        ·  Lower Body strength training using own  body weight

        ·  Core Training

        ·  Plyometrics for speed and agility

        ·  Cardiovascular endurance training using running or  inline skating

         Program Cost:  $12/hour/ player with a 10 player minimum.  Maximum number of players 15 per session.  Depending on session location, a additional location fee per player may also

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